Vi-Spring Divan Beds (Vi-Spring)

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Sleep is a very precious commodity: which is why Vi-Spring make beds like no other bed maker in the world.

Each Vi-Spring bed is built individually, to order, entirely by hand. And while your Vi-Spring bed is utterly luxurious, it is not a luxury. It is the one perfect bed for you, the place you return to every night for deep and restful sleep, for years to come. If you've never slept like that before, it can be a life-changing experience.

Vi-Spring Then…
It was back in 1901 that Vi-Spring first gathered the craftsmen with the skills to build exceptional beds.

Their beds grace some of the world’s finest hotels. And of course, they sit in thousands of bedrooms large and small, traditional and contemporary, lavish and simple, around Europe and around the world.

Vi-Spring Now…
To create a life-changing sleeping experience, Vi-Spring still make beds as they have always done – individually, with the skills of craftsmen’s hands.

Every Vi-Spring bed is, in essence, an original, designed and built around the way you sleep. The spring count, the fillings, the ticking, the stitching; each vital component of your Vi-Spring bed is as you demand it. Which is, in the end, the only way to make the perfect bed for you.

The copious volumes of fine cotton, pure lambswool and long-stranded horsehair (not to mention cashmere, mohair and silk in our finest beds) are all of the highest quality we can find. And every Vi-Spring bed is as close to completely natural as it can be. It’s the only way to make a bed that breathes as a bed should.

The ‘VI’ in Vi-Spring represents, in Roman numerals for the number six… the six coils in every spring Vi-Spring make.

Complete Comfort. The most important choice of all…
Comfort is not about softness or Firmness. It is about support. The perfect mattress is one that cradles you, supporting you from head to toe without pressure points and this is in direct relationship to your own stature, and also there are other factors for consideration.

Finding the perfect balance is about your size and weight, the way you sleep and, in the end, you’re own very personal preferences. It’s a balance we at Beds Are Uzzz will be delighted to help you find.